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I had quite a boring morning filing all the insurance and company flights hoping to get the money I had spent on clothes during the time my luggage was lost. Then a storm broke so I took the subway to Nakano Broadway to canvass the shops for a while. After shopping (mostly for Mis Ilusiones Asiáticas, actually) I headed home to drop off the purchases of the day because my back was hurting and I did not want to run around carrying weight.

I had arranged to meet EfficientTimes in Roppongi when she was done with work for two things – one was taking pictures with the dozens of Doraemons that were colonising Roppongi Hills.

Then we went to the Midtown building, also in Roppongi. We saw Tokyo Tower on the way.

We had Chinese for dinner and then we walked into the gardens for the event called “Roppongi Midtown Love Summer” which was a show of lights and music, which was the second goal of the evening. Pretty!