6th August 2019: Tokyo & Yokohama Book Off Rally

To be honest, this was a weird day because my mind was full with some personal stuff, so I just wanted to keep busy. I did a Book Off marathon and I found a lot of interesting things, both in Tokyo and Yokohama [横浜市]. I wanted to visit the Tower there, but it was closed for renovation!

At 6pm I met up with Sr-san for way beyond amazing sushi! Lots of new things to try too!

In the end what I was worried about was solved ε-(´・`) フ and I went back without any problems (on the way out the regular train line was down).

Walked distance: 17438 steps / 12.4 km.

2nd August 2019: Ise Bunkamura

When I was in Ise [伊勢市] in 2018 I could not budget (neither time nor money) to visiting the… you know what, I’m confused as hell as what the actual official name is. In English it is Ninja Samurai Kingdom – Ise, but in Japanese it is Azuchi Momoyama Jōkamachi (Ise Azuchi Momoyama Castle Town) [伊勢安土桃山城下街]. Anyway. I went there.

It is a sort of theme park where you can cosplay and walk around in costume, watch shows and play games. In theory, you can also visit the castle, but the bus there was not running that day, and a few of the areas were closed. Not that I regret going, but looking back it would have been skippable – now I know. But I had to go to know and get it out of my checklist ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) .

I think I actually spent more time travelling there and back than doing actual things. I had to wait an hour and a half between the shows that I had thought I’d use on seeing the castle… but nope.

Once back in Nagoya, I went to the Book Off to check if there was anything interesting, as after Nagoya I would be heading back to Tokyo, and I could now go on a shopping spree.

Walked distance: 16136 steps / 11.5 km.

28th July 2017: Shopping at Ikebukuro

This is something I had never thought I would have done, but it was strangely fun – I went shopping along Ikebukuro [池袋]. And not fandom shopping – well, yes, there was fandom shopping, but… It was weird. I was in the Book Off as always that I’m around. I was also in the Sanryo Gift Gate but there was no Yoshikitty to be found.

The original intent was going to the Sunshine City Aquarium [サンシャイン水族館] but when I arrived there was a very long line, so I decided to wander around for a while. I accidentally ran into a T-shirt that I loved and had to buy – full of sciency formulae, and a bag I really liked. I found it a bit expensive, so “decided” not to buy it.

After some conbini lunch I went back to the Aquarium and decided to wait as the line did not seem to be about to be longer than 15 minutes (much better than the 45 before).

The Aquarium was full and it never fails to surprise me how Japanese kids are this wild in aquariums in general- but this time I got pushed around by grannies too! XD I also found a new appreciation for pelicans and ended up with a lot of pelicanbutt pictures.

After the aquarium I headed to the Closet Child on my way to the station and bought a very cool T-shirt from a group I don’t really listen to, but very cool, and 1000¥. And then, because I had not really gotten myself anything too expensive in Closet Child, I gave into temptation and went back for the handbag. Many people have complimented me for it, and I really love it.

Afterwards I met up with Belle for sushi and Starbucks while EfficientTimes was in a fancy dinner on a boat, with my camera (yay phone pictures). After I got into the train, I was messaging with EfficientTimes and we realised that we were on the same train. What are the chances? Very, very small XD

July 29th 2016: Trying not to think

So I got home late the previous day and I did not really feel like studying, so this morning I had to do my homework and study for the exam ( ̄◇ ̄;). However, at around midmorning, I decided that I really did not care for a perfect grade anymore, that I was not going to get anyway because the teacher was not happy with my なければなりません and wanted なけれべいけません because that was what the book had. The other day when I was in Harajuku I’d seen something I really wanted, so I decided that screw everything, I would go buy it.

First, I stopped by Shibuya, just because. I did a quick tour over Tsutaya, Book Off and Mandarake. In Tsutaya I bugged a lady as I was looking for a specific manga and she did not look too happy to help (~_~;). Then I went to Harajuku to buy the item I had fallen in love with, a 40cm high photobook (limited edition).

After class (and last exam, and saying bye bye and getting our pic taken with the certificate…) I met M. in Ikebukuro as we were going to do fangirl stuff together. Well, let me rephrase that. First I went home because the photobook(s) was (were) heavy as hell and it would have been more expensive to find a coin locker for them than getting home and dropping them off. After that, I waited for her in the Book Off (and was self-restrained and did not buy anything else). We checked out the Ikebukuro Closet Child and then we had dinner together.

The plan was try and hunt the Gakkuchi. That is, some of the adorable plushes that GACKT makes. He had decided to put some as prices for the UFO catchers. I do know that getting them is next to impossible, but for 500Y try, you got a clearfile, and that was awesome…

So awesome that the clearfiles were “sold out” in all Ikebukuro. We tried one station over, a smaller one. No luck. We tried my station. Still no luck. Damn, what a way to finish the day (♯`∧´).

July 6th, 2016: the first incursion

As I had to study in the evenings, I tried to get used to early starts. I invited T. over to Komagome so he could see the local shrine as opposed to the main shrines I was sending him to. Komagome Jinja is a small shrine that we’ll pay more attention in the future.

I took T. to Shibuya today as he wanted to take pictures of the crossing. Then we had a look at Tsutaya and had something to drink on the new seventh floor.

After that, we headed off to Tower Records, Tokyu Hands, Mandarake and generally some Shibuya backstreets. Throughout the morning I got myself Kanjani8’s newly released single, and a couple more CDs from Book Off.

After that I headed off to school only to find that the teachers did not like my handwriting in Japanese. Tough luck, this is how it ended up being.

Upon coming back I decided that I needed to do some exploration around the neighbourhood, but for now I would content myself with some takoyaki, which was awfully yummy (future reference: Sunkus takoyaki > Family Mart takoyaki). Then there was studying and organising the room (finally!)

2 September 2015: New views of known sights

I went to Haneda Airport to see Efficient Times off as she was leaving already, and on my way back I shook melancholy off by climbing up the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. I had noticed that my camera was better than I was expecting it to be, but I was a bit blown away when I realised the neat stuff it could do. I am very happy with it.

Tokyo Tower view (1)

Tokyo Tower view (1)

Tokyo Tower view (2)

Tokyo Tower view (2)

Tokyo Tower view (3)

Tokyo Tower view (3)

I did look at more places than Tokyo Tower

I did look at more places than Tokyo Tower

I really did

I really did

After that, I took a stroll down the Skyscraper District, as I wanted to go back to one of the shops I had visited on Sunday. Unfortunately, at this time I was not feeling too well, so when I made it to the shop I had to be quick.

TMGB from downstairs

TMGB from downstairs



More skyscrapers

More skyscrapers

After I had made a much-needed stop, I hit a Book Off (once again) or two (again, once again) and finally headed back for an early evening. Belle and I had a relaxing dinner and we both ranted out about our problems. Good for the soul.


Tonkatsu dinner~~

14 August 2014: When trains took forever

It started with the train stopping for a few minutes that in the end turned out to be over an hour. Then there was an unexpected train change, and my Internet going crazy which got me lost. In the end my sightseeing morning was crushed to 10 minutes of walking around Shibuya and a Book Off visit.

Lunch was good as we met in the Book Off and headed for a great shabu-shabu. That was very yummy and I probably ate too much of it. But come on! There was wakame to spare and then some!! XD


Afterwards we headed off towards Shinjuku to browse Kinokuniya Book Store to buy JLPT study material and, in my case, GACKT’s novelised version of MoonSaga, because I am weird like that. It was raining like crazy, too, so not much stuff to do outdoors, and shrines would already be closed by that time, so I was feeling rather unaccomplished.

We ended up heading off to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to watch sunset – which did not work as it was cloudy – and the pretty lights – which were fewer than usual because some of the buildings were not as full since it was Obon and many people had head home for the holidays.




Day was finished with CocoCurry. CocoCurry is always good, although I was so intent on reading kana correctly that I ended up messing up the order XD